Admission Volunteers

Name Programme Country From Email ID
Mirwais Parsa PhD Economics Afghanistan
Mohammad Arif Payenda MSc Computer Science Afghanistan
Abdul Raqib Muslimyar  Applied Mathematics Afghanistan
Habeebullah Ebrahemi MSc Computer Science Afghanistan
Allah mohammad Rasa Applied Mathematics Afghanistan


Ahmad Jaamay  MSc Computer Science Afghanistan
M. Dawood MA International Relations Afghanistan


Miraqa Safi MSc Computer Science Afghanistan
Muhib u Rahman M.A Development Economics Afghanistan
Mohammad Salim Sadid MA Economics Afghanistan


Sumit Bansal PhD Computer Science Bangladesh
Mohiuddin Md. Al-Amin PhD Legal Studies Bangladesh
Md. Riyaz Uddin MA International Relations Bangladesh



Anirudda Sarkar MSc in Computer Science Bangladesh
Muksodul Islam LLM Bangladesh
Sabuj Mondal Sociology Bangladesh
Bikash B.C. MA Economics Nepal
Subash Chapagain


Msc Biotechnology Nepal


Dinesh Pant MA Sociology Nepal 
Rajesh Bastola LLM Nepal
Akhand Pratap Rai LLM India
Aman Mani Tripathi  LLM India
Gaurav Tripathi Msc Biotechnology Indian
Aakash Chandran LLM Indian
Agyeya Pratap Msc Biotechnology Indian


Hassan Ziyau MA International Relations (Alumnus) Maldives
Karma Gyeltshen MSc Applied Mathematics Bhutan 
Sudesh Pokhrel PhD International Relations Bhutan
Sakuna Gamage MA International Relations Sri Lanka
Dharmendhar Soni MSc Biotechnology



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  1. Ranjini Ghosh Dastidar

    I have given the OBE conducted on 12th August, when am I to get the result, or when is the list of selected candidates going to be published?


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